NDIGBO:- An Appraisal

The present poses stiffer challenges to us as a people; probably more so than our ancestors faced, because armed as we are with better tools, we have only been able to outdo them in blatant absurdities. But these challenges appear to be having an upper hand as we do appear not to have a clue on how to approach them. As a unit we are weak; as individuals, we exhibit sparks of possibilities, but that is just so…
What are the key problems that ought to preoccupy us, from the myriads that knock upon our door daily? The more one considers the enormity and gravity of the struggle facing us; it numbs the mind to see how incomprehensive our collective efforts have been. We cannot be accused of not thinking about the problem, or attempting to solve them, even if means some conflicting efforts at collaboration; but we are all guilty of failing to unite the unit towards a common cause.
Probably our troubles are rooted in our history and our often skewed interpretations of it. Or in the clash of cultures and sub-cultures that daily battles for space in our minds and society. Whichever, I think we are not getting the priorities right. This is off course if you ignore the loquaciousness that has manifestly overthrown commonsense in Igboland and pretends to be positive actions. Our race, as is evident in the near pathetic manner we’ve walloped in undisguised sham, has derailed from reality and tends to assume some air of seriousness, but by this exhibits only ineptness.


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