Still On The Igbo cause…

As a nation-State, we, NDIGBO of ‘present’ day NIGERIA, are faced with a situation where the inheritance of time, which in principle is our history, might face the consequence of failure, which in the long run might mark the end of NDIGBO as a historical fact. Our duty is to do just about what few, if any Igbo mind or minds have tried to do, i.e. arm us with a distilled, precise question/s, answer/s and postulation of what we’ve been, what we are and what in our projections, based on the indices on the ground what our ‘historical’ future might look like.

It is an intimidating task, but intimidation has always been the historical tag, hung on the neck of individuals and nations as they stand facing the endless stroke of time that is stretched grimly before them. Man always has faced that choice; in fact, we’ve faced it before, briefly & haphazardly though, between 1966-1970. The impact of that ‘adventure’ haunts the old presently & confounds the young, while creating a new set of THREE dimensional collective crisis for the yet unborn. These, in a nutshell, mark the point of departure for the ‘thing’ we intend to create.

While our elites were busy wining their personal battles all over the world, we as a people, were losing our collective wars. For the past thirty or so years, NDIGBO, have been influenced to abandon our culture and seem also, to have lost faith in the core values, traditions, and institutions of our civilization. On the strength of this consideration, it is impossible to know today which story our descendants would be hearing and telling as well. The story of our EXTINCTION or the story of our UNIFICATION, SURVIVAL & TRANSFORMATION!

The task facing us as a group is to face this dilemma squarely and forcefully.

The reactions we give to these matters are of deep concern to the majority of NDIGBO and our immediate neighbors, who are willy-nilly, caught in the web of our mal-development. If NDIGBO fail now to reform internally, the consequences will be incalculable. The disenchantment and drift would grow. We would continue, to have no economy, while continuing to breed millions of petty merchants with no vision, while our competitors increase their hold on the bigger economic dynamics in NIGERIA. Besides, our visions would continue to blur & our civilization would continue to lose focus as fewer & fewer people care to learn or know about our culture, traditions and institutions. Our great achievements, in technology and Science would continue to be abroad & accredited to other peoples and climes. In this terribly weakened state, NDIGBO, would be unable to face their collective responsibilities & in the end, slowly though, we would break up into isolated blocs of feuding & competing factions, non focused & all violent towards one another, until it becomes an anathema to bear the name ONYE-IGBO!

On the other hand, if we can reform ourselves, then there is every reason to believe that, our best days might still dawn.

A renewed and reinvigorated IGBOLAND, capable of educating its children could compete with anybody, anywhere, in the world. A restructured IGBOLAND, within or outside, a Restructured or Un-restructured NIGERIA, would make a world of difference in the 21st century {The goal, is to prepare the ground, with all the required instrument and road map to actualize it}. Our civilization would revive, our visions expanded and more opportunities opened before our vast population.

Nigeria & the rest of Africa need us, {not as faceless and rootless members of a ‘confused giant of Africa’, but as NDIGBO, in all the glory of our civilization and the might of our morally & Spiritually acquired heritage}, but not in this fractured state of confusion & disunity; here lies the other challenge facing us. The choice/s, facing us is not much but very decisive. Either we pull ourselves together for the task and provide the necessary bold, sincere & moral leadership, or we would continue to decay.

Igbo civilization has always drawn its strength from a spiritual & moral dimension. Up until the cataclysmic detour of the war, we used to hold our heads high as a people of elevated quintessential virtue. Personal responsibility & individual rights to & from the community must be revisited. One of our major tasks is to revitalize these cornerstones of our cultural heritage, by massively teaching & demonstrating them.

We must enter this task with the thought that NIGERIA is too big, too diverse and culturally complicated to be run by this present unitary style configuration. It stifles & limits the varied creative forces of the various NATIONALITIES. The goal before us all, while primarily, to prepare & arm NDIGBO with instruments of change & negotiations, is ALSO, to see, to the replacement of this over centralized, micromanaged & overly unaccountable ABUJA based government with a decentralized, restructured, and truly CONFEDERATED or FEDERATED system appropriate for a country as wide and diversified as NIGERIA.

As we face this challenge, we must question ourselves constantly, how our affairs as NDIGBO, can be properly handled by people who do not have a clue as to what our deepest needs are; people who still see and judge us, through the prism of yesteryears conflicts, of which its reasons & purposes are yet to be properly addressed if not resolved. We simply must shift power truly to the people of NIGERIA, which means, a system, even without precedents in our annals, a triumph of the peoples will over the despots’ wishes. No civilization can survive if today’s parents cheat their Children by leaving them crushed with a heavy load of debt, in our case, an overwhelming, unresolved historical questions. We owe them a moral debt to cancel or reduced these burdens.

We must be prepared to gamble everything now for the sake of NDIGBO, as De Gaulle, did for France in 1958!

Yet, one more thing: An un-restructured, reorganized, focused and truly principled & opened up Igboland is doomed.





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