Dance and Swing Until The Egg Breaks

This is an amazing cultural display. faces and places that are fast passing away. I love this and will really hope we as humankind would preserve these and more for the next generation.

What an Amazing World!

Simanindo, a small village at the northern part of Samosir Island, was the last place that I visited on a trip to Samosir’s historical and cultural places. When I parked the motorbike at Huta Bolon Simanindo, I could hear some traditional music instruments were being played. Finding out that the dance performance had just begun, I rushed my way to the inner courtyard where the performance took place. When I took a quick look at the sheet on which the program is written, I was relieved after knowing that I hadn’t missed that much.

The dance performance itself consists of several acts, each of them portrays different aspects in the life of Bataks. A young man coming to a young woman’s family to propose the daughter, the villagers dancing around a pole which is adorned with leaves to symbolize the sacred banyan tree, a shaman running around an egg while…

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