False Life….

When all the cloths and Apparels are off, and the make ups, creams, perfumes and glossy oils washed off, what is let is just Self. The real self. The self we’ve been too ashamed to acknowledge. The self that we are ashamed to look at in private and go all out to keep from the view of the rest of the world. Short of the soul, which has been emasculated in false imageries of what we really are, we go to great length and pains to add valueless appendages to ourselves, believing these are what makes us real. They are not; that body, naked, skewed and that troubled and traumatised soul is the real self. What we cover it with is not us. It is not what makes us. What we take into the body and soul is the real substance, the real spark that makes us what and who we are. We hardly spend enough money on good food and so our body, soul and spirit starves. We waste fortunes on how we appear externally, hoping and falsely believing that that is what defines us. It isn’t. 

The world full of conflicts, personal and communal, we shy away from them. Hungry for cheap adulating news and craps, we uphold all sorts of scandalous consumption of gossips. These gossips have been modified and sold to us as news. Naked torsos, hungry children, mostly in Asia and Africa, wars, gay and lesbian trash, deaths and the expectation of death… All these are sold and consumed with reckless abandon. The sickness of Mandela and the pains around it is fantastically tuned into and made breaking news with all of us awaiting his death. God… What have we become. The climate is all around us knocking and reminding us that we are nearing a Sodom & Gommorah threshold, desperate with freak natural anomalies, like them then we overlook it and gulp down the stories as something out there and not nearby. Lone strange voices warn us of the angers and dangers of all these, we ignore them and treat them with reckless abandon. The TV’s and their various network packages feed us with nonstop horrors, violence, sexual abuses of all sorts and we revel in the nonsense. What with BBA, Kim Kardarshian, and CNN’s reportage of the gay issues becoming our value standards, we are certainly doomed. Watching how Nigerians gulp down these trash, is sickening. It’s called entertainment, I call it disheartening. We should learn how to stop escalating these twisted ideas and activities, and stop making them our role models and standard bearers. We are consuming provisions. No wonder we are slowly dying. 

IAKO/ 290613