Naive Nation….

With the average Nigeria barely earning 5.000 Naira a month, the so called representatives of the people takes in over 29. 000. 000 million Naira monthly. It is the sad irony of our country that this is considered the norm and generally acceptable. We trivialise our suffering and hide behind fanciful religious baits as “our miracle is on the way”, “our turn would soon come”, and “my God will soon bless me”. This is the sad bane of our society. We suffer and eulogise our taskmasters. For a mere handout from their stolen wealth, we are prepared to pretend all things are right. Across the sea in Brazil, for a mere increase of bus fare by about 200 Naira in our currency, people are prepared to give up their comforts and challenge the system. We are not capable of that and so would remain just where we are: POOR & DEPRIVED!!!

With no offence meant, my brother Okas Ndukwe seem to be seeing the issues I raised from a very different perspective. Nigeria suffers so much when its problems are viewed from a very different and often irreconcilable positions. We are what we have made of our country, states and cities. We breed anarchy and expect God to perform some form of miracles… Miracles are for those who match their faiths with work. Not otherwise. I see your displeasure with the Obama administration and your rather warmness towards the clueless Tea party movement, who sees the world through a tinted goggle. I must say that in all your inferences on Africa, blacks etc., you forgot that we have successfully stood up before against wrongs meted on us, take the Aba Women uprising, it was meant to stop the unruly and irresponsible British abuse of our people. It succeeded. Leon had pointed you to the Arab uprising and many more can be pointed out. But at the very bottom of these issues lies what Ole Nnanna Kalu termed “harnessing our thoughts”, towards changing these really obnoxious situation. Everywhere you look, we have a systemic faliure of values, which in turn hurts our children. A society that sings praises to looters and murderers are simply too blind for change. Though Okas you mentioned educating the masses, I agree, but we must pick our words wisely to do same. Am not sure anyone of us has much understanding of what must be done, but with our shared frustration over how things are, I BELIVE we can collectively take that very first step starting from ur homes, cities, villages, LGA’s and States. Ndewo NU…..