Night of Passion


Splendidly dark

By the Seaside they roamed

Like enchanted souls they drifted

Torn from humanity, Merged with nature

 Softly the breeze blows

Caressing their bodies

Darkness as Party to their Fate

Crowns them like an aura

Upon the wet sea sands their feet glides

Washed are by the tides

As if the trace of their feet would spoil their taste

On the horizon

The moon like a golden ball Sits

It’s rays Cascading down the Ocean

With yellow Finger nails

The Scene – brilliant beauty born of Venus

Heartbeat, Soft murmur of the waters, distant calls of the night owl,

Blend as one – a midnight Serenaded!

Lost to time and space

Nature alive again

Like a brilliant diamond the stars blink

Bidding them hang on Forever

The kiss – Oh! memories born

From behind the mountains a Song

The crickets choired within the brush

A sweet Rhapsody…

They ’re lost in ecstasy

Tangled in a web of passion

Every heart beat a reminder

That this would soon end

Oh! what madness?

No! the madness is in letting go, Inside they know

A page has been turned

A new Song written Forever their’s

And though time flies

Theirs like the distant star is fixed

Birthing memories to last a million lifetimes

Printed in gold across the smiling moon

Buried in the Ocean for eternity

And though their First-time

It’s the beginning of many First times to come ….