Kingdom Come they say it is

Kingdom Come they say it is

But kingdom lost that sure I know.

Wining, dining in a blank orgy

Every man milked down now in a murky merry

No hair of time to hear their mind

Upon each clime a state of lust

Even children chase these shadows, yet

A kingdom great they claim they are.

Blood like rain Flow down their lanes

Cheating’s a maxim for their trade

Murder, Lust and Adultery means all, but Sinful act,

From loud-speakers they sell venomous Vices

Armours they build to wage off foes

Hardly reckoning the foe within

Priding in their peaceful pain

Our kingdom sure is here to stay

Was not Babylon much the same?

Did not Rome slip in their sleep?

Oh! Hopeless kingdom, Worthless kingdom,

Does not woe now wed your wiles?

Damocles Sword’s now hanging above

Wild Kingdom would you hear hopes voice?

From within the Fruit always rots

So also the glory they once called Rome

Flee now to God while time still waits

Close not your eyes till peace you find

There may never be another “Next Time”


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