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One Last Rallying Call….

May God prosper your work greatly.

It has become both needful and expedient that at a time like this, this statement be issued to all Igbos and all the great many progressives nationwide with whom we share a common destiny.

Our journey has been long, our path has been hard, we have fought with our might, we have invested our substance and our years, Many times we have killed the tiger only to meet the lion. Many times, our sweat and gold have not been enough, and we have paid even our blood for our survival in ‘the project Nigeria’. But we have kept the faith and we have kept the lead.

Today we are back to a familiar spot. More like a déjà vu to many, face to face with another dragon in a land mark battle for our survival in our journey of destiny. We shall fight with all our might, we shall fight with our gold and above all, we shall fight with our votes. 

The time is both demanding and urgent. Well meaning men have given up their sleep, our people both at home and abroad, are meeting in various town halls, concered as naturally they should be. Many of our good progressive brothers and neighbors moved by the growing unwarranted disrespect for human lives have reached over to us severally, worried by the growing deviousness and uncertainty. All these coming to a climax in an election year and season, adds to our reason for concern.

In the light of these, our Ezes, Obis, Igwes, ndi-ichies, Ohaneze, indeed our entire think tank, all of them neither elective office seekers nor party members, but genuinely concerned as any adult should be of happenings in his society, have met severally with other traditional rulers and leaders of thought from the other regions. The issues have been very weighty with many divergent opinions depending on the perspectives and interests of the various stakeholders. But upon one thing we were all agreed, that the people’s right to life, freedom and peace must be up held, preserved and protected at all times and by every means and that this must form the fulcrum upon which any future government to lead this country must be hinged. We were all also agreed to the fact that  except a more united effort is deployed, some ‘Professional politicians’ with no useful ideas would return to dominate the political space and keep the people in further servitude. 

Igbo are a self sustaining people and did not come by their wealth via the presidency and believes with the other progressive people nationwide that Nigeria has suffered a tragedy in governance for too long and will no longer allow the political space to be dominated by ‘professional politicians’ who see politics as a means of livelihood and as ‘a do or die’ affair. We have always extended fraternal hands of friendship to all the people of this country and have resided in every part no matter how far and remote and demanding only for the right of peaceful coexistence. 

For us, 2015 presidency cannot be about a Chief this or a General that who feels sidelined or  about religion. We respectfully insist that 2015 must be about issues. Igbo insists that 2015 must be about creating jobs for the teeming unemployed Nigerian youths with many more leaving school every year. Igbo insists that 2015 must be about Nigeria being able to grow her food and feed her self. Igbo insists that 2015 must be about Nigeria leaving the league of dependent nations and joining the league of industrialized nations. Igbo insists that 2015 must be about the resettlement and remediation of Ogoni land whose land ran the oil that has built a world class city in Abuja. Igbo insists that 2015 must be.about finding a lasting solution to the unjust, unprovoked and unwarranted killing of Igbos and other innocent Nigerians in the north which has remained a reoccurrent event for many decades now. All the progressives nationwide agree with this, and not wanting to end a serious deliberation in rhetorics, we also took time to look at the many Nigerians, worthy sons indeed, who have presented themselves to be elected president in the coming nationwide election to be held Saturday the 28th of march 2015. 

The general concensus between our Igbo leaders and all the leaders of all the progressives from all the other regions was that Dr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan, going by the challenges that presented since his days in office as president, has performed creditably and should be reelected to serve another term of four years. 

Nigerians must be careful in the assessment of the achievements of this government, not forgetting that they came to power at a time Nigeria was almost considered a failed state groaning under the burdens of so many years of misrule and deprivation. We indeed understand the eagerness of Nigerians to see a new and brighter day immediately but we must be patient knowing that water does not begin to boil the moment the kettle is set on fire. A lot of latent energy goes in to make the water boil before it can let out steam.  This government has been taking her time to lay the foundation upon which a new industrialized and self sustaining Nigeria can be built. Already the efforts have began to yield dividends. When you consider that the Lokoja-Abuja road which for over two decades has been a nightmare to Nigerian travellers has today become the traveller’s delight. When you consider that the Kano-maiduguri road is today a first class highway. When you consider the advancements in the resuscitation of the Nigeria railway. 

When you consider the massive investments  presently going on in the power sector which will usher in the Nigerian industrial age and understand that it does not take a day to run gas pipelines to power gas turbines many hundreds of kilometers away. When you consider that it does not take a day to build hydro dams or to set up infrastructure to evacuate and transmit the generated power. When you consider that it does not take a day to set up necessary infrastructure to distribute the transmitted power, then you will begin to understand what this government has been doing. When you consider the advancements in agriculture, aviation, education- establishing nine new federal universities while maintaining and upgrading the older ones, all from the mono economy we run, with many things competing for attention at the same time, you will indeed begin to understand what this government has been doing. Every progress loving Nigerian knows that the gains from this government needs to be sustained and consolidated for Nigeria to recover from her malaise.

This letter comes therefore to call upon all INEC registered card carrying Igbos and all the progressives nation wide to come out en mass on Saturday the 28th of march 2015 to reelect Dr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan for another four year term. 

‘All it takes for evil men to take over the society and poison it’ wrote Edmund Burke, ‘is for good men to stand aside and do nothing’

On saturday the 28th of march 2015, come out, support the aged, bring the cripples and the blind also, defy the sun and the rains, educate the unenlightened on how to cast valid votes for Dr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan.

With the voting ink on your thumb, press the thumb on the box beside the UMBRELLA and it will be a valid vote for Dr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan. 

A vote for Dr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan is a vote for hope.

A vote for Dr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan is a vote for peace

A vote for Dr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan is a vote for progress

A vote for Dr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan is a vote for a new Nigeria.

Ireke Agbeze Kalu Onuma 

March 25th 2015 

Lagos, Nigeria 


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